#121 Raid Refresh December? | Destiny The Show

November 1, 2016


Could The December Event bring with it a Refresh of the Old Raids? Challenge Modes are next on the schedule but will we see another Raid before Destiny 2? Festival of the Lost microtransaction system caused disappointment across the scene, how can it be adjusted to be better?

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One comment

  1. Hi guys. I’m a relatively new listener to the podcast. About 3 weeks now. I’ve played Destiny on and off from the beginning. I would basically play extensively every time a new DLC would come out then fade out until the next DLC. Or every time a friend wanted to play. Needless to say I’ve been playing ALOT the last few weeks or so. I’m really enjoying what Destiny has ultimately become.
    That being said. I was playing today and was invited to a fire team by a random person. They wanted to do archons forge and some strikes.
    We were playing the forge when I mentioned that I had never done a raid or nightfall strike. They were astonished because my light level is 392. They said that it would be very hard to get to that level without doing raids or nightfall. But strikes and the forage are all I know. I don’t really play pvp either.
    So my question is: is it really that unheard of to be light level 392 and have never done a raid or the nightfall?


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