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Destiny The Show is a weekly Destiny news podcast that started during the Destiny Alpha! Our concise show keeps listeners up to date with news in the world of Destiny and keeps their guardian ahead of the curve. Our awesome listeners have helped us become one of the largest Destiny podcasts on iTunes & Top Ten Podcasts On Podbean for 2015 & 2016!



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FPS veteran and YouTuber, BBKDragoon is always ready to bring the rain when it comes to pulling the trigger. Dedicated to the order of the Warlock, he has 15+ Years of Halo experience, is a diamond Terran (SC2), and a mountain bike lover. BBKDragoon can be found making YouTube videos and guides on a regular basis.




Ditty has a long time Halo history, is a Destiny guru, and a devout Hunter main. Some say he is the king of the nades, may you hope to never be on the receiving end of his throwing arm. Join his fireteam and always have your super, for he generates orbs like nobody’s business. Also hand cannons – give him one and he will love you forever.



Destiny The Show is Available on iTunes & Youtube the show brings you closer to the things you love about Destiny.

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  1. Hey guys,

    My good friend and I work nights together at a bakery and get off at the odd time of 3:00-3:30 am pst. We always want to raid but can never put together a team that wants to help out us raid newbies. I have a Lvl 31 warlock and 31 titan. He has a 31 hunter and 28 titan. Obviously we would use our mains, but since no one has ever helped us, we never get through a whole raid (VOG or CE).

    I was wondering if you guys knew of or had anyone in mind that would walk us through and help us to actually complete any one of these raids? We are pretty desperate and are definitely newbs when it comes to raiding. WE’RE TIRED OF BEING LVL 31!!!

    Anyways, love what you guys are doing with the show. I agree with pretty mush all of your views. Love Sassi’s super good advice too! Keep it up!!!

    -Alex Mosey

    GT: AlexiMoBlooD (Xbox one)

    Chico, Ca


  2. Whats up guys,love your show but 30 minutes or so is too short.I ran prison of elders(lvl 28)for the first time and it dropped the gjallahorn.Finally after playin over 1200 hours on PS4 and Xbox1 i got it.Im soooooo happy.
    Continu the good work


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