#101 New Raid & Current Gen Only! | DTS

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This week:

  • Saladin is last of Iron Lords
    — The Plague has returned
    — Plagued Fallen Army
    — Help Saladin push back the Plague
  • New Story Campaign
    — New Cinematic Story
    — New Missions
    — New Questlines
  • New weapons and armor – New Raid – New Strike
    — New AND Updated Strikes
    — Death Zamboni in the raid!
  • New Zone
    — The Wall (inside, on top, beyond)
    — New Patrols and Public Events
  • New social space
    — Felwinter Peak (Unlockable?)
  • New Crucible maps and mode
    — New “features” >> Custom games??
  • New Enemy Faction and Bosses
  • Gjallarhorn is returning!
    — Iron gjallarhorn “skin” is preorder only.
    — Gjallarhorn is available through a quest available for everyone
  • $30 USD
  • The Cosmodrome has changed >> darker tone, snow
    — “Ancient evil, and sacrificed themselves to contain it”
  • SIVA = technological Plague
    — Warminds??
  • Saladin has wolves >> Won’t have companion pets in Rise of Iron, teased its possibility in a future Destiny release
  • Watch the Bungie Rise of Iron Twitch Reveal Archive!

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